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At Hephaestus Labs we believe in bridging the gap between innovation and necessity. We are seeing too often in today’s world affordability becoming a deciding factor over one’s ability for a fruitful life. With costs continuing to skyrocket in today’s world more and more individuals are forced into a position that hinders their ability to have a healthy and happy life. We believe strongly that every individual deserves the opportunity for proper prosthetics regardless of financial situations. We want ALL families to have the ability to get proper prosthetics without worrying about the financial burden especially through young adulthood as people need to upgrade the size of their prosthetics as they grow. At Hephaestus, we want to help, we believe that that no one should have to endure sleepless nights stressing over an inability to receive affordable prosthetics. Be the change and help us in continuing on our journey of bridging the gap between affordibility and effective innovation one day at a time.

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We are truly touched by those who entrust us with such a delicate matter. We are moved by the stories we receive from many individuals and love hearing updates from everyone.